Zip Manufacturing

Zip manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Zip manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 50hp

Raw material requirements:

• Aluminium wire
• ought-Out components(top & bottom attachments, slide)
• Cotton tape
• Zn-alloy GDZn A14-Cul
• Cord
• Sewing thread

Machinery requirements:

• Winding Machine 1
• Zipper Chain Production Machine 1
• Sewing Machines 3
• Zipper polishing, rolling & waxing Machine
• Magnetic cutting device
• Bottom stop attaching Machine
• Top stop attaching Machine
• Open-end bottom stop casting Machine
• Slider pressure casting Machine
• Automatic slider assembly Machine
• Slider enameling
• Packing device

Manufacturing process:

The manufacturing of metallic zipper is started by forming the chain. After the chain forming operation, is sewn of zip chain to the cloth tape. Such unfinished slide fastener chain is wound on stainless steel. Zip chains surface polishing, rolling and waxing (an integrated process is carried out using one machine) operations are conducted.
After the coils are completed, cutting of zipper tape in to standard sizes will be done, the bottom metal stop is riveted. Then the slider-stops added and the top metal stop is riveted. The sliders are cast in zinc alloy by pressure molding machines, then treated in rotating drums & parts are polished. Finally after all the assembly process is completed inspection will be carried out and pass the product for packing.


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