Welding Electrode Manufacturing

Welding Electrode manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Welding Electrode manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 20hp
• Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

• Coating flux compound
• Containing following Ingredients
• Sodium, silicate, powderedquality of ferrosiliconRugeon Chalk Fluorite, Soda, Starch, Powder, Dolomite, Tin, TitanicOxide, Potash, Mica, Ferromanganese- Destrin, Limnite,Iron,Powder, Rutile etc

Machinery requirements:

(a) Production Unit
• Steel Hopper forstorage and Chemicals
• Containers for blended flux
• Wet Mixer
• Automatic slug press 90 M.T.cap.
• Dry blender 1 M.T.Cap.
• Weighing machine for dischargeflux
• Sieving Vibrating machine
• Weighing machine for blending mass
• Silicate weighing machine
• Lifting tables bogies containers
(b) Extrusion and Drying Department
• Extrusion Press with electricmoter for testing rods: 150 M.T.}
• Wire feeders for feeding lengthsup to 9″ to 12″
• Conveyer System with finishing unit
• Electrically heated drying Oven
• Wire Straightening and CuttingMachine
• Drying Tray, Trollies
• Wire recovery plant with fluxstriper washing equipment andDryers
• Arbor Press
• Drilling machine 1″ capacity
• Lathe -6 feet bed length
• Pedestal Grinder
• Storage bins racks, fitter tanks etc.
• Gas welding equipment
• Testing Equipment’s

Manufacturing process:

Electrodes of different types are produced but for calculation purposes 4mm size product has been considered.
In this scheme, provision is made for general type of welding electrodes.
The drawn Electrode quality wire of 4mm size is first straightened on straightening machine and cut to size and stored. The flux as per the formulation is to be prepared in the dry blender and wet mixer. Then slug is to be made in the cylindrical form in the automatic slug press. Then slug is to be placed in the extrusion press and straight cut wires in the wire feeder hopper with the help of extrusion press.
Flux coated on core wire rod is passed on conveyor system and collected at the end.
These flux coated rods are then sent to drying oven for drying purposes. After drying, it is to be packed and ready for despatch.



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