Weighing Machine Manufacturing

Weighing Machine manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 1000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

• Cabinet/Housing (Metal)
• Capacitors
• Fluorescent display (Imp)
• Integrated circuits (Imp)
• Load cell (strain gauge) (Imp)
• Mechanical hardware
• Noise filter (Imp)
• Rectifier (lmp)
• Resistors (Diodes and switches)
• Transformer
• Transistors
• Wires, cable connectors, consumables and packing material etc.

Machinery requirements:

• Bench Drilling machine
• Digital Multi Meter (3½ digits)
• Oscilloscope (0-20 MHz)
• IC Tester/EPROM Programmer
• Digital LCR Meter
• Load Cell Simulator (Imported)
• Portable Grinder
• Power Supply (0-30V, 2A)
• Standard Weights Brass
• Multi-meter (Analog)
• UV Eraser,
• Variac (4A)

Manufacturing process:

The manufacturing process involves the assembly of load cell, electronic circuits and electro mechanical hardware. Subsequently, the electronics assembly the ICs, transistor, diodes, resistors, capacitors transformer, coils, relays, potentiometers are assembled on PCBs as per design.
The assembled PCBs are tested for performance. Subsequently the electronics assembly along with electromechanical assembly, hardware such as connectors/switches, terminals display, meters are assembled and housed in a metallic / fibre / plastic case with an appealing front panel. Finally the assembled unit is calibrated and tested as per the design specification.



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