Waist Belt Manufacturing

Waist Belt manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 1000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 3 hp
• Manpower: 3 to 4

Raw material requirements:

• Chrome Tanned upper Leather
• Split Upper
• Buckle, thread, solution etc.
• Packing material

Machinery requirements:

• Strap cutting machine Power Operated
• Upper Leather skiving machine
• Single Needle flatbed Industrial Sewing Machine 31 ND 15 Merit
• Side creasing machine
• Hand tools and other equipment’s

Manufacturing process:

After selection of suitable leather, the belts of different sizes are cut by strap cutting machine and skived from the edges. Similarly the lining of the same sizes of required leather is also cut. The skived edges are folded. Then the lining is attached by paste. After pasting the belts are stitched with help of stitching machine. The excess of lining are to be trimmed. The other operations like buckle attaching edge setting punching are then carried out according to the design. The belts are then finally inspected and packed.



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