V Belt Manufacturing

V Belt manufacturing

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Basic requirements for V Belt manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 100hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

• Natural Rubber
• Stearic Acid
• Zinc Oxide
• Carbon Black
• Anti-oxidant/accelerator
• Sulphur
• Processing aids like ParaffinWax, Splindle Oil etc.
• Canvas
• Packing material

Machinery requirements:

• Rubber Mixing Mill 12 inches × 30 inches, with 25 H.P. motor and reduction gear
• Vulcanising Chamber
• Hydraulic Presses with pumpmotor and other accessories
• Spreading machine 28 incheswidth
• Churning Mill 100 Lit. capacity
• Boiler 100 Kgs. Evp. Capacity
• Belt Building unit

Manufacturing process:

Rubber along with other chemicals and fillers is compounded on a mixing mill. The compound is taken in a sheet form in varying thickness based on the type of V-Belts. Tyre cords are dipped in a dipping tank. Canvas is coated with rubber solution on a spreading machine and cut into sizes. Then the rubber compound sheet is taken on a forming machine. The rotating former round in shape comes in various sizes of diameter. The rubber sheet thus formed is followed by cord winding, rubber sheet, and so on as per specifications.
When the forming is completed, it is cut into V-belts. These V-belts are removed from the former and each belt is wrapped with the coated canvas on a wrapping machine. These belts are mounted on split pulley and thus a number of pullies are stacked on each other and firmly bolted. The bolted pullies are wrapped tightly with a canvas.
Then these are placed in a vulcaniser with a boiler attached to it. The belts are then marked and packed for marketing.



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