Undergarments Manufacturing

Undergarments manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Undergarments manufacturing:

• Land: 5000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 22hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

• Dyed/bleached knitted cotton cloth40s count for vestsand panties
• Dyed/bleached knitted cotton cloth30s and 34s countfor briefs
• Top elastic for briefs and panties
• Leg elastic for briefs and panties
• Labels, size label polythene bag, brand boxes
• Sewing thread
• Detergent for washing

Machinery requirements:

• Cutting machine(Power Operated)
• Overlock machine(3 thread) with motorand stand (1/2 HP)
• Folding machine withstand and motor(1/2HP motor)
• Rib Cutting machine with stand and motor(1/2 HP motor)
• Sewing machine with motor stand (1/2 HP)
• Scissors, measuring instruments, checking table and miscellaneous items
• Garment washing machine 12kg. capacity
• Hydro-extractor 25 kg. capacity
• Dryer Tumbler 25 kg. capacity
• Washing room trolleys
• Steam press portable type

Manufacturing process:

The manufacturing process involves the following steps :
1. Procurement of Knitted Fabric Dyed/bleached cotton knitted fabrics are to be procured from the open market. The fabric will be inspected by laying the fabric on the inspection table against light before cutting so that unevenness in colour/shades or any other fault if any visible in the fabric can be eliminated.

2. Cutting and Stitching:
The inspected fabric is placed on the cutting table in layers and then the different parts of the respective garments are demarked by a chalk as per different sizes. Cutting of fabric layer is carried out by fabric cutting machine in order to have accurate dimensions.
Stitching of whole garment is carried out by the skilled workers with the help of overlock, sewing machines etc.

3. Washing, Checking, Pressing and Packing:
Garments obtained from the sewing section will normally have some dirt/ stains which are to be eliminated by treating them with mild soap solution in garment washing machine. Excess water is to be removed from the garments by charging in hydro-extractor and dried in garments drying tumbler.
Final checking is done by placing individual pieces on the checking table so that any fault and protruding thread in the piece may be removed. The individual pieces are pressed by pressing man to remove the wrinkle marks in the piece and packed in the paper board boxes specifically available for the purpose.



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