Tyre Retreading

tyre retreading

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Basic requirements for tyre retreading:

• Land: 2000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

a) For Retreading 200 LCV Tyrein Precured System
• Precured TreadRubber
• CushionCompound
• Vulcanising Solution
• Envelope
• Curing Bag

b) For Retreading 300Passenger Car Tyre in Precured System
• Precured Tread Rubber
• Cushion Compound
• Vulcanising Solution
• Envelope
• Curing Bag

c) For Retreading 250 Nos.Truck Tyre in Precured System
• Precured Tread Rubber Kg
• Cushion Compound
• Valcanising Solution
• Envelope
• Curing Bags

Machinery requirements:

• Buffing machine with dust collectorbuilder tyre truckbonder/threetyreLCV/Passengerbonder with curing rims and Electric hoist
• Work bench Envelope/Tyre stand Gantry
• Boiler
• 100 lbs working air compressor with 5hp moter
• Air conditioner

Manufacturing process:

The tyre coming from the customers is cleaned dully. Dust and mud are removed. The casing is inspected for cuts, ply section, condition of beads etc., and based on the condition of the casing, the tyre is selected or rejected. Under inflated conditions the selected tyre’s crown area is buffed to the required texture and contour. This is for better bonding of procured rubber to the casing. The buffed casing is mounted on the tread building machine. Cushion compound is applied on the buffed tread area over which the procured tread rubber is applied and stickled using rollers. The joint portion of the procured tread rubber is stepped to avoid possible opening during curing of the tyre. The build up of the tyre is covered by a rubber envelope and placed in the “bonder” and the bonder steam is passed at specific temperature, which cures the cushion compound to complete the bonding of the tread on the casing.



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