Tomato Ketchup Manufacturing

Tomato Ketchup manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Tomato Ketchup manufacturing:

• Land: 2000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 20hp
• Manpower: 8 to 9

Raw material requirements:

• Tomatoes
• Sugar
• Common Salt
• Spices, garlic, ginger
• Colour
• Sodium benzoate
• Glass bottle
• Glass bottle
• Crown caps
• Plastic caps
• Label straps
• Corrugated box
• Breakage of bottlescaps, etc.
• Cleaning powder

Machinery requirements:

• Steam boiler
• Washing machine (Rotary rodWasher equipped with sprayarrangement, collection tanketc.) with 10 HP motor
• S.S. tilting type steam jacketed kettle of cap. 100 gallons
• S.S. tilting type steamjacketed Vacuum kettle of cap.100 gallons
• Pulper cap. 1/2 ton per hr. With3 HP motor
• Exhaust and processing tank
• Pasteuriser tank (500 lit. cap.)
• Bottle washing machine with twoheads complete with 1/4 HP motor
• Vacuum filling machine(cap. 10 to 15 bottles/minute)
• Water storage tank cap. 500 lit. (HDPE)
• Misc. equipment such as buckets, cutting and peeling knives, etc.
• Weighing balance 500 gm to 5 kg capacity
• Crown cork machine
• Weighing Scales platform type
• Working Tables Al Top
• Laboratory Equipment

Manufacturing process:

Special varieties of tomatoes like scarlet globe, early red bonny best, ponderosa, Sioux, passerby, marglobe, etc. are suitable for preparation of processed products of tomato.
Tomato Juice
Fully ripe well developed colour tomatoes are washed, trimmed, steamed, crushed in a crusher or cut into pieces with knives. The crushed pieces are heated in the steam jacketed kettle till they become quite soften. The heated tomatoes are passed through the pulping machine using a fine mesh sieve to separate juice from seeds and the skin. The sugar and salt @ 1% is added and heated to 85-90ºC. The hot juice is then filled in bottles, sealed immediately and processed sterilised in boiling water for about 30 minutes and cooled.
Tomato Puree
The juice obtained as above is concentrated under vacuum to about 9% to 12% total solids so as to get tomato puree. The product is filled in bottles, crown corked and processed in boiling water for 30 min. and cooled.
Tomato Ketchup
The juice obtained as above is concentrated with spices, salt, sugar, etc. The spices like cloves, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon and other ingredients etc. are tied loosely in a muslin cloth and placed in boiling juice in steam Jacketted Kettle. The sugar, salt and vinegar or acetic acid, etc. are added later on.
Generally concentration is done three- fold. It is concentrated to 28 to 30% solids in which 12% are tomato solids. The final product could be preserved by addition of sodium benzoate @ 750 ppm. The tomato ketchup is filled hot into clean, dry bottles, crown corked and processed in boiling water for 30 minutes and cooled at room temperature.


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