Toilet Cleaner Liquid

Toilet Cleaner Liquid manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 1000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 4 to 5

Raw material requirements:

• Rosin
• Castor oil
• Caustic soda
• Light Creosote oil
• Lables, solders, lids, corks, etc.
• Tins -5 litre/1 litre capacity
• Fuel

Machinery requirements:

• Cast iron pan
• Mixer, stirrer
• Galvanized buckets,
• Measuring cans,
• Scale,weights, furnace, steel drums and misc.

Manufacturing process:

• Weigh, put the materials separately as per quantities given in the formula.
• Prepare the caustic soda solution. Take required quantities of resin and castor oil in a pan. Then heat the above material till it is dissolved. Add slowly caustic soda solution to the above dissolved mass. Care is to be taken that in no case the mass over flows the pan. To control this, add caustic soda solution little by little. In this way when the major portion of caustic soda solution is mixed, the boiling slowly comes down. Now add the remaining caustic soda solution and continue boiling for about 15 minutes.
• The heating is to be continued till the reaction is completed which can be determined by adding a few drops to a glass of water when a white solution should result.
• Now mix the water and boil. Allow the solution to boil a little by extinguishing the first and then transfer it into a steel drum and mix the light creosote oil stirring. Close these of the drum and keep aside to cool for a day when the once the product is ready for use. This product is a good type of fluid, when a little of this is added to a glass of water, it at once produces a thick milky white emulsion with good odour.
• For ordinary type phenyl:
– Rosin 3.63 Kg
– Caustic soda 900 gms
– Water to dissolve caustic soda 9 litrs
– Light creosote oil 9 litres
– Water 27 litres
– Castor oil 2.72 Kgs.


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