Thermocol Manufacturing

Thermocol manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Thermocol manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 100hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

Expanded polystyrene is made from expandable polystyrene, which is a rigid cellular plastic containing an expansion agent.

Machinery requirements:

• Pre-expanders
• Silos
• Moulding block
• Moulds

Manufacturing process:

1st stage
The raw material is heated in special machines called pre-expanders with steam at temperatures of between 80-100°C. The density of the material falls from some 630kg/m3 to values of between 10 and 35kg/m3
During this process of pre-expansion the raw material’s compact beads turn into cellular plastic beads with small closed cells that hold air in their interior

2nd stage
Intermediate Maturing and Stabilisation:
On cooling, the recently expanded particles from a vacuum in their interior and this must be compensated for by air diffusion. This process is carried out during the material’s intermediate maturing in aerated silos. The beads are dried at the same time.
This is how the beads achieve greater mechanical elasticity and improve expansion capacity — very important in the following transformation stage.

3rd stage
Expansion and Final Moulding:
During this stage, the stabilised pre-expanded beads are transported to moulds wherethey are again subjected to steam so that the beads bind together. In this way moulded shapes or large blocks are obtained (that are later sectioned to the required shape like boards, panels, cylinders etc


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