Tennis Ball Manufacturing

Tennis Ball manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Tennis Ball manufacturing:

• Land: 2000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

• R.M.A.
• Foiscal-5
• DPO oil
• Sperdal oil
• Paraffin wax
• Zinc
• Streatic acid
• Sulphur
• Resin

Machinery requirements:

• Rubber mixing mill 12’x36’
• Hydraulic press
• Hydraulic press with pump x1’x1’
• Scrap grinder
• Heating drum
• Hand press for cutting cloth
• Core die
• .8. Full core die
• Finishing die
• Boiler 100 psi with fittings
• Cutter
• Tubing machine
• Stamping machine
• Tools and equipments

Manufacturing process:

Generally tennis balls are manufacturing in three grade i.e. 60 gms, 80gms and 120 gms.The raw material used in the manufacturing are RMA, foiscal-Dop-oil, Sperdal oil, Paraffin Wax, Zinc, Storic acid, Sulphur MBD, TMT and Rosin etc.
All the materials are mixed in rubber mixing mill properly. Then the mixed rubber is pressed with hydraulic press in the shape of core die. Then two cores are joined and then melton cloth is pasted.


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