Staple Pins Manufacturing

Staple Pins manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 1500 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 4 to 5

Raw material requirements:

• Preformed wire
• Adhesives
• Packaging materials

Machinery requirements:

• Automatic staple pin making machines with electricals
• Double ended Bench grinder cap 8″ wheel
• Common tools and measuring instruments

Manufacturing process:

The process of making staple pins has been simplified with introduction of sophisticated fully Automatic Staple Pin Making Machines. The preformed round wire is fed to the machine which flattens it and produces the necessary staple pins in pre-determined lengths of 50 staple pins in each length. The formation of this length is assisted by the use of a special staple pin adhesive, also developed in India. The staple pin lengths are packed suitably with each packet containing 1000 pins. 20 of these packets are packed in a box and 40 of these packets are packed in cardboard carton.


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