Spectacle Frames Manufacturing

Spectacle Frames manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Spectacle Frames manufacturing:

• Land: 1000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 2 t 3

Raw material requirements:

• Cellulose nitrate sheets
• Hinges
• Rivets
• Side wirepolishing
• Compound and buffing materials

Machinery requirements:

• Shear Cutting Machine with 1/2 HP Motor
• Milling Machine complete with 1/2HP motor
• Wire inserting machine
• Drilling machine with 1 HP motor
• Polishing drum double with a stand and 1 HP motor
• Buffing machine with 1 HP motor
• Hand press mounted on work table

Manufacturing process:

Cellulose Nitrate sheet is cut into strips of the required size for frames and sides. Holes for glass fixing and the portion for nose fitting are cut from the strip. It can also be done by Pantographic machine, after that inside and outside milling is done. Grooving is done for fixing up the lens. Required radius and slopes are given to the frame. After cutting filing etc., nose pads are cut and fixed with solution and kept for drying. Before fixing of nose pads, the front piece is put in moderately hot water and bent to the required shape on hand press. Then they are put in barrel for polishing. Hinges and Pins are fitted and riveted. Again lots of a few dozen pieces are put for lustre polishing.
The sides of the frames are heated in an oil bath to make them soft. The two sides are fixed on a die in opposite direction from each other. Inside & outside milling and taper clearing etc. is done. With the help of wire shooting machine, wire is inserted. They are put in the barrel for polishing. Hinges & pins are fitted and riveting is done. After polishing, when both parts are ready, they are assembled through hinges. Finally these are packed in a box which is labelled denoting the brand, size quantity, colour etc.



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