Soya Sauce Manufacturing

Soya Sauce manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 2000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 3 to 4

Raw material requirements:

• Defatted soya flour
• Hydrolytic enzymes
• packaging materials

Machinery requirements:

• Tanks (mounted) stainless steel with vertical stirring system and each tank of 150 litres capacity
• Motors, pulleys for above tanks
• Stainless steel filter sieves
• Stainless steel collection and neutralizationcasks of 100 litres capacity each
• Slat conveyer for bottles and filling system
• Weighing scales

Manufacturing process:

Defatted soya flour is hydrolyzed with five times its weight / volume of food grade 0.1 N hydrochloric acid for 24 hours. The product is filtered through a muslin cloth or through stainless steel sieves. The filtrate is neutralized with food grade soda or sodium bicarbonate and the final volume noted. To this volume is added vinegar to the extent of 5% by volume to yield the final sauce. The product is bottled in 200 ml capacity bottles. The bottles are then packed in cartons prior to dispatch.


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