Business Location Selection

A very first step after finalising your product is selecting factory location. There are many factors you must consider. Rented/Own Property: If you are new in the selected business, you don’t own any industrial property, and you are thinking to buy land, build the infrastructure, and then start production, then maybe you are making mistake that can never be repaired!!! Its very time consuming. Starting construction to machinery installation takes very long time, however one can start production in rented/leased property immediately. When you are new in business, you must have enough working capital in hand to face initial struggling ...
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starting new business-MME

Starting new business in India

Many passionate youngsters in India are dreaming to start their own business, many of them are also having innovative and unique business ideas in their mind. but lack of knowledge and proper guidance are keeping their dreams far away from them. Many of them don’t even know about how to register a firm. MME is a platform where we have strong desire to help such business enthusiasts by providing them all the necessary information they need for starting new business in india, from business registration to selling their product in market.Starting with a business idea:Everything begins with an idea! If ...
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