blanket manufacturing

blankets manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 2 acres
• Electricity: 250hp
• Manpower: 20 to 22

Raw material requirements:

A. Major Raw Materials
• Acrylic fiber
• Cotton yarn
• Ribbons
• Thread

B. Auxiliaries Raw Materials
• Lubricants
• Hessian cloth
• Twiner
• Bailing ware

Machinery requirements:

• Blending line
• Telescopic cyclones
• Card sets
• Carding Accessories
• Deducting machine
• Spinning frame 360 spindles, double
• Spinning frame 360 spindles, single
• Spinning Accessories
• Cone winder, & spindles
• Warping and bearing machine
• Warper accessories
• Weaving machine
• Raising machine
• Roller machine
• Shearing and polishing machine
• Sewing machine
• Bale press
• Ducting
• 19.. Cutters and blade
• Boiler
• Compressor
• Air conditioner

Manufacturing process:

The technology for manufacturing of blankets is already known to the country as there are blanket manufacturing plants like DebreBirhan and Akaki textiles and others. The basic process involved in the manufacture of blankets are carding, spinning and weaving of the acrylic yarn, and weaving of the cotton yarn. Additional but minor processes are blending, winding, warping, shearing, polishing, sewing and packing. By employing an alternative technology, however, cotton blanket is made from waste cotton. In this case, the basic processes in the manufacture of blankets involve carding, spinning and weaving of the waste cotton too. This alternative involves higher investment cost, but it also brings higher profit.


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