bindi manufacturing

bindi manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 1000 sq.ft.
• Electricity: 5 hp
• Manpower: 2 to 3

Raw material requirements:

The Materials used for bindi making is thin plastic / rubber decorative sheet of colour and shades.
Adhesives are required to coat on the one side of the Bindis for affixing.
The adhesive normally used in dextrin.

Machinery requirements:

• Adhesive Coating Machine
• Drying chamber
• Punching machine

Manufacturing process:

The decorative coloured sheets are purchased and adhesive is applied through brush rolls. The adhesive is coated and passed through hot air chamber for drying the adhesive. The sheet is then cut to form proper shapes of bindis by using punching machines. The punched bindis are attached to release paper and then they are packed in small printed folders.

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