Besan Plant

besan plant (gram flour)

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Basic requirements for besan plant:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 9 to 10

Raw material requirements:

The major raw material required is Gram splits (Dal)/ Bengal Gram.
Maharashtra grows substantial quantity of Gram. Even at 100% capacity utilization, the requirement will not be more than 1500 tonnes and with proper prior arrangements it is possible to ensure smooth supplies.
Packing materials like 40 or 50 kg gunny bags with polythene lining for bulk supplies and printed polythene bags of 500 Gms or 1 Kg for consumer

Machinery requirements:

• Gram Cleaning machine
• Conditioner / Soaking
• Splitting machine
• Cleaning machine/ Removal of Skin
• Pulverizer
• Packing machine

Manufacturing process:

The process of manufacturing quality besan or gram flour involves four major processes, as explained below.
• Cleaning – Eliminate pebbles, broken grains and other impurities from Gram.
• Conditioning – Based on physical properties of gram dal, remove other coloured gram halves. Water content, if any, should be removed by sun-drying to maintain minimum 12 to 14% moisture.
• Milling – The gradual milling system should be adopted for milling and operation consists of breaking, scalping and purification, reduction and dressing.
• Finishing – Sometimes, finished excellent flour (besan) is mixed to obtain a standard and uniform desired properties, characteristics and colour.


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