Banana Powder Manufacturing

banana powder manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Banana Powder Manufacturing :

• Land: 5000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 10hp
• Manpower: 4 to 5

Raw material requirements:

• Bananas
• banana pulp
• Sodium metabisulfite
• Packaging materials

Machinery requirements:

• Hydraulic shear
• Colloid mill
• Dryingdrum

Manufacturing process:

The powder is formed by using banana pulp, which is mechanically chopped and then processed with hydraulic shear using a colloid mill, turning it into a paste. Sodium metabisulfite is then used to brighten the yellow color of the paste. The paste is then dried by either spray- or drum-drying, although the latter is more common because none of the paste is lost while drying. The drum-drying also produces about 2% more powder and also dries it more thoroughly. Regardless of the drying process banana powder can generally only stay fresh on the shelf for about a year before passing its expiration date.


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