Bamboo Sticks Manufacturing

bamboo sticks manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Bamboo Sticks manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

• Raw bamboo
• Polishing agents
• Packaging materials

Machinery requirements:

• Sawing machine
• Slitting machine
• Slats planner machine
• Filament size set machine
• Polishing machine
• Length size cutting machine
• Round chopsticks/ stick head sharpener
• Stick length cut multi-knives machine
• Round stick polishing machine
• One/two head stick sharpener
• One/two head stick polishing machine
• Toothpick/stick classification machine

Manufacturing process:

A flexible production line for bamboo sticks is described here. The major steps and machines can produce chopsticks, barbecue sticks, incense sticks and mat sticks, while production of toothpicks and thin sticks require additional equipments at marginal investment.
It is noted that this report analyses and simulates a flexible production line to produce diverse kinds of sticks. Investors can adapt and employ this model for single product investment in specific investment purposes.
In practice, the process should include some additional tasks such as annealing and drying materials or bactericidal treatments
The main phases of the production process for bamboo sticks are as follows:
1. Bamboo Sawing
2. Bamboo Splitting
3. Slats Planer (2 to 5 slats)
4. Filament Size Set Machine (All kinds of sticks)
5. Polishing Machine
6. Length Size Cutting
7. Round Chopstick/Stick Head Sharpener
8. Stick Length Cut Multi-Knifes Machine (6.5 cm)
9. Round Stick Polishing
10. One/Two Head Stick Sharpener
11. One/Two Head Stick Polishing
12. Toothpick/Stick Classification
13. Toothpick/Stick Arrangement

1. Bamboo Sawing
After selection, bamboo culms are cut into fixed-length poles.

2. Bamboo Strip Splitting
This cutting machine is simply designed. After cutting into poles, these are slated into strips by hand or using splitting machine as show in the figure below.
Normally this process takes place in the primary processing workshop as bamboo culms need to be processed as soon as possible because is easier to split fresh culms. Bamboo strips will be transported to main sticks production line for further processing if main processing site is located far from bamboo resources. It may prove simpler to transport split or semi-processed culms than whole culms, but this will be decided in each case.

3. Slats Planer
By this step, the green layer and inner layer of bamboo strips are removed, strips with two parallel flat sides – called ‘slats’ are produced. Slats should be further split into thinner stats with thickness varying from 1.0 to 6.0 mm depending on kind of products these slats will be used to produce. To make chopsticks, the output slats should be 5.0 or 6.0 mm thickness while toothpicks require slats of 1.0 mm thickness. Russei Prey has wall thicknesses up to 20mm thick over the bottom sections, so multiple slats maybe produced from this thickness

4. Filament size set machine
The filament size set machine will lathe bamboo slats into round long sticks with fixed diameter of the same diameter of the finished product. Thorough this machine a flat slate will be lathed into 3 or 4 round sticks depending upon the width of bamboo slats
And diameter of the round sticks, furthermore number of round sticks depend on the knife grooves.

5. Polishing machine
The polishing machine helps to remove hairs on the bamboo round sticks and makes sticks smoother.

6. Length size cutting machine
This machine is used for cutting round sticks into required length of finished product. Mostly chopsticks, barbeque sticks, essence sticks, matchstick, except toothpicks will be cut further by sticks length cut multi-knives machine in step 8

7. Round chopsticks/ stick head sharpener
The stick head sharpener will saw heads of round fixed length sticks to produce chopsticks or barbeque sticks

8. Stick length cut multi-knives machine
This machine will cut long sticks into short toothpicks with multiple knives

9. Round toothpick/stick polishing machine
This machine is same as the polishing machine introduced in step 5 but it is specifically designed to polish toothpicks

10. One/two head stick sharpener
This machine will sharp one or both heads of toothpicks

11. Toothpicks/sticks polishing machine
The toothpicks are again polished to smoothen their heads

12. Toothpicks/sticks classification and arrangement machine
This machine is used to arrange toothpicks and facilitate packaging


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