bamboo powder manufacturing

bamboo powder manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land: 5000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 4 to 5

Raw material requirements:

• Raw bamboo

Machinery requirements:

• Bamboo milling machine
• Bamboo crushing machine
• Bamboo pellet injection machine

Manufacturing process:

Powder is manufactured in following steps
1. Bamboo milling
2. Drying: the bamboo waste and chipping are need tobe dried to make lower moisture content.
3. Bamboo crushing: bamboo waste will be sent to the cutting machine to convert big bamboo chips into powder. This powder size is from 20 mesh to 400 mesh depending upon usage.
4. Bamboo pellets injection: under high pressure powder is mixed and pressed into pellets moulds the size of pellet depends on the type of machine and pressure capacity.


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