Balloon manufacturing


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Basic requirements for balloon manufacturing:

• Land: 5000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

• Centrifuged Latex
• Accelerators such as ZDC, ZMBT, etc, prepared as dispersions / emulsions / solutions.
• Activators such as Zinc Oxide, in the form of dispersion.
• Colouring agents
• Other chemicals

Machinery requirements:

• Mixer
• Balloon marking machine
• Coagulant tank
• Hand tools

Manufacturing process:

• Raw materials are weighed according to the desired proportion and are kept ready for mixing
• The dispersions / emulsions / solutions are prepared and mixed into compound
• Usually, the above process is outsourced and ready latex compound is procured
• The formers are attached to the trays of the balloon making machine
• Formers are cleaned by dipping them into tanks containing water, acid and alkali
• Formers are then dipped into coagulant tank
• The tank consist of chemicals such as Calcium Nitrate
• Coagulant dipping is done to ensure the appropriate thickness of the balloon
• The formers after drying are dipped into the latex compound
• Then the formers with latex are dipped in a coagulant tank to remove excess compound. This process is done for having an even balloon surface
• The wet film deposit on the formers are dried in the sun for vulcanization purpose
• The period of drying is extended, preferably at a higher temperature to vulcanize the film
• The above process is done with film on the former
• The balloon tip is rolled manually to make the bead
• The bead reinforces the tip of the balloon and aids in blowing air into the balloon
• After rolling the beads, powder is applied on the balloons for ease of stripping
• The solid balloons are stripped from the formers in this process
• This process is done manually by helpers
• The balloons are then sent for Quality Check
• Some of the quality checks done here are for pin holes, improper spread of colour, tears, etc
• These tests are done by passing compressed air through the balloons (for pin holes and tears) and visual checking (for improper spread of colour)
• The balloons are sorted according to size and colour
• They are then weighed and packed


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