bakery unit

bakery unit

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Basic requirements for Bakery Unit:

• Land: 5000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 20hp
• Manpower: 9 to 10

Raw material requirements:

• Wheat Flour (Maida)
• Maida starch, vegetablefat, salt, soda, colours,preservatives etc.
• packaging material

Machinery requirements:

• Manual Wafer Biscuit Machine (6 Plates) (Including Creaming, Cutting and Support Tables, Capacity cream wafer 25-30 Kg./Hrs.,15 KW)
• Butter Mixing Machine
• Sugar Grinding Machine
• Planetary Mixer (3 Speed 1 45,000system, steel body)
• Sealing (Packaging) Machine
• Working table with S.S./Aluminium top
• Weighing Balance platform type
• Aluminium vessels, Mats, cups, Mugs, ladle, spoons, gloves, etc

Manufacturing process:

The main product of the unit wafer biscuits can be manufactured after obtaining raw materials like Maida, starch, soda, salt, colour, preservatives, vanaspati, suger, and flavours etc. which are easily available in local markets. The calculated amount of Maida, starch, vanaspati, water etc. are mixed in a mixer to form paste. The paste so formed will be poured into pre-heated mould to bake wafer sheet. The other ingredients like sugar, vanaspati, colours, essence are mixed in a planetary mixer to form cream. The cream so prepared will be applied on the sheets to form sandwich. Thereafter the sandwich will be cut into biscuits and packed in pouches.


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