automobile rubber mats manufacturing

Automobile rubber mat manufacturing

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Basic requirements for rubber mat manufacturing:

• Land: 2500 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 100hp
• Manpower: 10 to 12

Raw material requirements:

• SRF black
• Soft clay
• Whiting
• Naphthanic oil
• Bitumen
• Zinc Oxide
• Stearic Acid
• Parfin wax
• Sulphur
• Miscellaneous Chemicals like talc etc

Machinery requirements:

• Mixing mill of size 16” × 42” with reduction gear, 60 HP motor & accessories.
• Extruder 4” size with 15 HPmotor & accessories
• Cutting arrangements for the Extrudate.
• 4.Steam operated Hydraulic Press 36” × 36” Platen Size, 4 day light with motor,powerpack and otheraccessories.
• Moulds, Dies & Accessories
• Steam boiler-coal fired, 1000 kg/hrsteam capacity and pressure of 10.54kg/cm² with various motors, guages and accessories.
• Weighing scales

Manufacturing process:

The rubber is mixed with ingredients such as antioxidants, accelerators, fillers, plasticisers, anti-ageing compounds, pigments etc. in a mixing mill along with vulcanising agent such as sulphur, which is added towards the end. This compound should have the necessary characteristics for moulding and should impart the desired properties in the end product. After thorough mixing in the mixing mill, the compound is extruded to the desired shape and size and cut into suitable lengths to be introduced into moulds for shaping into mats of desired shape and pattern. In the moulds, the compound is subjected to heat and pressure for a particular period of time, when vulcanisation takes place. A hydraulic press with multi day light arrangement can be used for this purpose.
Now the finished mats are removed from the moulds and trimmed of any rind or flash.
They are subsequently packed and sent for storage and despatch.


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