Automobile Horns Manufacturing

Automobile Horns manufacturing

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Basic requirements:

• Land 10000 sq. Ft
• Electricity 20kw
• Manpower 7 10

Raw material requirements:

• Hydraulic press 20 tons
• Power press 30 tons
• Shearing machine
• Drill Machine
• Spot welding transformer
• Riveting machine
• Electric Oven
• Drill machine
• Centre lathe 6′
• Double ended grinder
• Coil winding machine
• Arbor press
• Testing Equipment’s

Machinery requirements:

• Die Cast Horn Body
• Diaphragm Steel Sheet
• Silicon Steel Sheet
• Annealed Steel Sheet
• MS Sheet 12 SWG
• Enameled Cu Wire LS
• Contact Points

Manufacturing process:

Diaphragm is made of special steel sheets. It is to be cut to size, then shape is to given on hydraulic press. Fixed not of turns of coils are to be wound on stamping for vibrator coil. Contact points castings are to be locally purchased.
After receiving the cast body Milling machine works to be done on subcontracting.
Testing to be done for
(i) Air Gap.
(ii) Sound.
It should confirm quality specifications.

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