automobile door gaskets manufacturing

automobile door gaskets

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Basic requirements for Automobile Door Gaskets manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 6 to 7

Raw material requirements:

• Rubber : Natural Rubber/Synthetic Rubber
• Fillers such as China Clay, Crumb powder, Carbon black, etc.
• Process Oils
• Chemicals such as Stearic acid, Zinc Oxide, etc.

Machinery requirements:

• Kneader
• Milling machine (Open mixing mill)
• Extrusion machine
• Vulcaniser

Manufacturing process:

• Raw materials are procured from suppliers and are stored in the godown / storage place appropriately. Quality of the supplies are ensured by the certificates from supplier / internal testing
• Raw materials are weighed according to the desired proportion and are kept ready for mixing
• The Raw material are fed into the mixing mill machine (intermix machine/open mixing mill/kneader)
• These raw material are put in the order (order of addition) as follows:
• Mastication of Rubber (Natural and Synthetic)
• Chemicals
• Fillers (such as China clay, Crump, etc)
• Process Oils
• Rubber compound is formed after the mixing
• The compound is put into milling machine (open mixing mill) and is rolled to warm the compound
• Curing agents such as Sulphur is added in the milling process
• Measurement adjustor in the machine needs to be adjusted to get desired thickness in the sheet
• The sheets are cut into strips (for extrusion process) using knives
• Extrusion machine is made ready for operation by fixing appropriate die and maintaining adequate temperature
• The strips of rubber compound are inserted to the extrusion machine continuously
• The rubber pieces passes through the extruding machine and comes out through the die as a continuous strip (thread or rope like structure)
• The physical characteristics of the extruded rubber is as per the die fixed in the extruding machine
• Temperature of the machine and the size (width)of the tread extruded needs to be constantly monitored
• The rubber strip (as per the shape of die) coming out of the extruder
• is collected in a tray in such a way that it is not made to stick together
• Visual examination of the extruded rubber is done by the operator
• The extruded rubber is then placed into the vulcaniser for curing process
• Appropriate specification such as temperature, time, etc are set in the vulcaniser
• The vulcanized rubber product is then removed from the vulcaniser after the specified time and is allowed to cool at room atmosphere
• Vulcanised product is then taken for finishing process
• Appropriate finishing process such applying paint, cutting the extruded product according to length requirement, applying silicon oil for glazing, sticking labels on the product, etc. are performed as per requirement
• Product is then packed according to assortment specifications
• Dispatch of products is done as per deliver order


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