auto leaf spring manufacturing

auto leaf spring manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Auto leaf spring manufacturing:

• Land: 10000 sq. ft.
• Electricity: 20hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

• Spring steel flats
• Paint/ other consumables

Machinery requirements:

• Oil fired furnace size 2’ x 3’ x 7’ with burner, blowers, filter and pipe line.
• Double walled M.S. Tank 4’ x 6’ x 4’ with stirrer and motorized pump.
• Power Hacksaw machine 14” cap. With 1 HP with motor.
• Doubled geared power press cap. 80 tonnes with 5 HP motor.
• Pillar type drill cap. 1 ½” with 1 HP motor, blower etc.
• Smithy hearth complete with 1 HP motor, blower etc.
• Eye rolling machine, hand operated
• Screw press-6” x 2” x ½” with die and punch
• Eye grinding machine 1” x 15” dia with 2 HP motor
• Platform type weighing machine 150 Kg. Cap
• Testing Equipments
• Hardness testing machine, 150 Kg. Cap.
• Diesel set generator 20 KVA cap

Manufacturing process:

Shearing and drilling operations are done on spring steel-flats. Flats for top springs are sheared in four corners; both the ends are heated and rolled into formation of eye. Steel flats are heated, given the required camber (in hot condition) for specific shape depending on the position of the flat in the spring and quenched in oil. After hardening, these are again heated for tempering. Shot blasting operation carried out on the hardened &tempered spring flats. Subsequently various tests like Hardness testing, Camber tests are carried out.


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