aluminium conductor manufacturing

aluminium conductor manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Aluminium Conductor Manufacturing:

• Land: 20000 sq.ft.
• Electricity: 100hp
• Manpower: 10 to 15

Raw material requirements:

• Aluminium Rod EC Grade
• Aluminium Alloy ROD EC Grade
• Galvanised Steel Wire
• Lubricants
• Wooden Drums

Machinery requirements:

• Wire drawing machine 3 dies with spooling
• Wire drawing machine 11 Dies
• High speed Tubular Stranding Machine
• Pinntle type multilayer stranding machine (61 strands)
• Pit type solution treatment furnace
• Pointing machine
• Buff Welding machine
• Electric Crane IMT Cap.
• Ageing Furnace IMT/Chore
• Solution Tank
• Die Polisher

Testing Equipment’s
• Tensile Testing Machine
• Industrial Kiln brands with spot galvanometer
• Physical balance Micrometer etc.
• Torsion testing equipment
• Wrapping Test equipment

Manufacturing process:

1. Aluminium wires are procured directly from smelters
2. Process of reducing wire diameter by passing it through series of dies of smaller diameter
3. Process of winding drawn wires around a common axis
4. Process of testing tensile strength, conductivity and resistance of transmission wires
5. Wires are finally wounded on a coil drum and shipped to the customer


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