aluminium cans manufacturing

Aluminium Cans Manufacturing

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Basic requirements for aluminium cans manufacturing:

  • Land: 10000 sq.ft.
  • Electricity: 10hp
  • Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements:

The material required for manufacturing Aluminium containers is Aluminium circles available from local aluminium re-rollers.

Machinery requirements:

• Press machine
• Spinning lathe 6’
• Threading centre lathe
• 100 ML Aluminium container die set
• 250 ML Aluminium container die set
• 500 ML Aluminium container die set
• 1000 ML Aluminium container die set
• 5000 ML Aluminium container die set
• Suguna Brand 3 HP Buffing polisher

Manufacturing process:

Aluminium circles of required diameter are pressed in the hydraulic press and a tube form is obtained. The tube is then shaped in the spinning lathe with the help of the dies to form the neck. The neck formatting may be formed to fit pilfer proof cap or can the threaded for fixing screw cap. Then the finished container is polished and dispatched.


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