aluminium bottle cap manufacturing

aluminium bottle cap manufacturing

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Basic requirements for Aluminium Bottle Cap manufacturing:

  • Land 2000sq.ft
  • Electricity 20hp
  • Manpower 5 to 6

Raw material requirements:

The raw materials required for manufacturing aluminium PP caps is 33 or 34 Gauge of hard Aluminium sheets. This material can be procured from any reputed dealer’s of Aluminium sheets. The other consumables required are PVC coated Wads which are available in all cities. Printing can be done on job work basis.

Machinery requirements:

• 32 Tonne capacity un-geared fixed stroke, fixed inclined, power press, fitted with pneumatic friction clutch and brake,one shot lubrication device and suitable electrical
• Multi spindle knurling, beading machine complete with electrical and cap feeder device
• Three cavity die set suitable for 28 mm PP caps diecomprising diagonal pillar set with feeder plate and otherstandard accessories
• Roll feed attachment for automatic strip feeding up to0.3mm thickness and width 175 mm with standardaccessories
• Rotary wads assembling machine complete with suitable electrical and digital counter. Machine synchronized withknurling machine
• Shearing machine pedal operated with strip collection tray
• Ring separator sorting drum for scrap rings with electrical
• Inspection conveyor
• Big step conveyor and silo
• Small step conveyor
• Cap sealing machine pedal operated for testing caps
• Electrical control Panel with sensor
• 1 HP blower with electrical & pipe synchronization
• Testing Instruments &Misc. Tools

Manufacturing process:

The manufacturing involves the following process
1. Printing the desired design on aluminium sheets
2. Blanking and drawing cap on the punching machine by fitting the multiple die for a particular size
3. Finishing the cap by giving final shape which gives knurling, grooving perforation of the beading
4. Fitting circular washers in the cap manually wherever required
5. Packing and Despatching


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