aloe vera gel manufacturing

aloe Vera gel manufacturing

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Basic requirements for aloe Vera gel manufacturing:

• Land 10000: sq. ft.
• Electricity: 100hp
• Manpower: 9 to 10

Raw material requirements:

• Aloe Vera leafs
• Packaging materials

Machinery requirements:

• Mechanical press
• Washing unit
• Filtration system
• Packaging machines

Manufacturing process:

In order to reduce the big amount of macroscopic waste a medium size press was used to extract the gel. Firstly the extraction was done by hand, using a spatula, but this method failed because it generated a high amount of waste and so it was replaced by the mechanical method using the press which was simple and effective.
The extraction process happens the following way: initially the leaves are collected from the plant and cleaned; they are submitted to the pressing process in which all the gelatinous pulp is extracted from the leaf. This process happens slowly to avoid any possible contamination from the yellow resin (aloin) that can blend with the gel. After the extraction, the gel is submitted to a simple filtering process to separate the waste that can be seen by the naked eye such as a piece of the leaf`s skin.
The storage process requires few precautions such as avoiding excessive heat and luminosity because this can accelerate the oxidation process. Therefore, after the extraction the gel must be kept in dark containers where there is ventilation. The extracted samples must not be kept for too long, its use in the transesterification process must be done within one hour of the extraction to avoid premature oxidation.
Both processes mentioned above contributed with the success of the transesterification process: the lower the ratio of macroscopic waste the higher the quality of the reaction. In the future it is intended to upgrade the extraction method in order to obtain more satisfactory result.


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