Adhesive Manufacturing

Adhesive manufacturing

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Basic requirements for adhesive manufacturing

• Land: 1000 sq. Ft.
• Electricity: 20hp
• Manpower: 4 to 5

Raw material requirements:

• Vinyl acetate monomer
• Poly vinyl alcohol
• Dibutyl Phthalate
• Octanol
• Maleic Anhydride
• Calcium Carbonate
• Butyl Acrylate
• Ethyl acetate
• Emulsifier

Machinery requirements:

• Reaction Kettle of stainless Whole Unitsteel construction, M.S. Jacketed,with variable speed agitator and steam heating and water cooling arrangement. (350 Litres Capacity)
• Reflux type Condenser
• M.S. tank for Monomer(250 Litres Capacity)
• S.S. Tank 250 litres Capacity
• Oil fired steam mini Boiler
• Motors & Pumps

Manufacturing process:

The manufacture of adhesive from synthetic resin is simple and can be started with very little investment.
The process consists of:
1. Dispersion
2. Polymerisation
3. Addition of other ingredients
4. Packing

The main equipment consists of a Mixing Kettle made of Stainless steel with an Agitator, M.S. Jacket, and Temperature controllers etc. The kettle is heated by passing steam through the jacket. A bottom outlet is provided for draining the water from steam condensate. The various steps in the manufacturing process are described below :

1. Dispersion:
The monomers or polymers are added to the water in the kettle and small amount of soap is added to the mixture and the stirring started. The quantities added are adjusted in such a way as to get an emulsion of 55% solids.

2. Polymerisation:
This step is necessary only when a monomer is used. A catalyst (like Benzyl Peroxide) is added and no heating is started. With the thermostat set at some suitable temperature, the stirring is started when the required temperature has been reached.
Further heating is then stopped and the excess heat of reaction is removed by the circulation of cooling water through the jacket till the whole reaction is complete.

3. Addition of other ingredients:
While the emulsion is still quite hot, other ingredients as required depending on the type of Adhesive being manufactured, are added and stirred well.
Some of these Ingredients are :
• O-Phenyl Phenol (Preservative)
• Formaldehyde (40%)
• Ammonia
• Calcium Carbonate
• Bleach solution
• Colouring Agents

4. Packing:
The adhesive is finally cooled and taken out from the bottom opening valve.
Next the adhesive is packed in plastic containers of 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kgs capacity as per customer’s requirements and stored in a cool place before despatch.


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