adhesive bandage manufacturing

Adhesive Bandage Manufacturing

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Here you will get basic information about adhesive bandage manufacturing, For more details, click here

Basic requirements for adhesive bandage manufacturing

• Land: 10000 sq.ft.
• Electricity: 50hp
• Manpower: 7 to 8

Raw material requirements

• Cloth
• Adhesive mass
• Labels
• Packaging material

Machinery requirements

• Kneader, dispersion adhesive preparation
• Coating machine
• Drying oven
• Storage station
• Rewinding & measuring machine
• Slitting machine
• Spooling machine
• Gas sterilization chamber
• Laboratory equipment

Manufacturing process

In the manufacturing process of adhesive bandage , The acrylate adhesive mass used for coating is manufactured in an appropriate unit. The coating machine is designed for direct and transfer coating. In direct coating, the carrier material is directly coated with the contact adhesive as against to transfer coating, where the contact adhesive is applied to silicon paper. In the latter case, the contact adhesive is transferred on the actual carrier material after the drying process is complete.
The direct coating process is used with cloth and PVC film (which is a plasticized film laminated onto silicon paper). After passing through a drying tower, this material is rewound into large rolls.
The large rolls produced in this fashion, are further processed into spools on separate lines. A slither and rewinding machine is employed to cut the large roll width of spools, and wound onto rolls (stock rolls) with a diameter of 400 mm. The rolls cut by the slither machine are wound with special spooling machine into plastic spools. The spools are then inserted in snap-on plastic covers and packed in cardboard boxes.

Adhesive Bandage is having very huge demand in the market as Warms and physical injuries are very common in today’s lifestyle.

You also need to take some special permissions and approvals from government before starting Adhesive bandage manufacturing. For details, click here


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